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Mortgage advice shop in Ballymena

Looking into mortgage advice Ballymena, then talking to a mortgage specialist can help soothe your financial anxieties, just as talking to a doctor can make you feel better about your health. Isn’t it more logical to speak with a skilled mortgage expert about your biggest asset, your home? The greatest advice will always come from an appropriately qualified financial professional, regardless of whether you’re looking for a new mortgage agreement, want to remortgage, sell up, or even if there’s a change in circumstances that could directly affect the home you own. Sadly, though, we don’t always. Especially as we approach the end of a fixed rate, we should think about how the mortgage may help us better our financial circumstances.

At Mortgage Options NI, we pay close attention to your situation before providing advice. We’ll collaborate with you to identify the best option for your requirements. In the same way, as a comparison website would, our advisors will help you through every stage of the remortgaging process to ensure everything goes as planned.

Why getting mortgage counsel is typically required

Independent mortgage advisors such as Mortgage Options NI are well-versed in the mortgages offered by various Ballymena lenders. They can conduct financial market research on your behalf and suggest the finest offer. Finding these offers on your own requires extensive study and repeated discussions with several mortgage lenders about your situation. A mortgage adviser can also be able to locate a deal that you are unable to locate on your own. They can also increase your chances of getting a mortgage because they will know which lenders and financial services are appropriate for your home mortgage situation. This is especially crucial if you don’t have a sizable deposit, haven’t been with your job for a long time, or work for yourself.

Risks of not getting advice

Your mortgage consultant will suggest an appropriate mortgage for your needs and circumstances if you seek out regulated mortgage advice rather than conducting your own investigation. You can file a complaint if the mortgage later proves to be improper for any reason. You can file a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service if necessary. This implies that when you follow advice, you immediately have additional rights.

You must assume complete responsibility for your mortgage decision if you don’t seek help. 

If you don’t seek advice, you can experience:

With the incorrect mortgage for your circumstances, which would be an expensive oversight over time applying for a mortgage that does not meet the lending requirements of the lender.

When to shop and see a mortgage adviser

Whether you’re getting your first mortgage or seeking to refinance, it’s crucial to consult a mortgage expert at the beginning of the process. Long-term, it will save you a tonne of time and work. To find out what is available and to compare costs, it is a good idea to speak with several different companies. 

Mortgage advisors come in two primary varieties. 

Mortgage experts with direct connections to lenders typically only endorse loans from that particular lender.

Mortgage brokers, sometimes known as unaffiliated financial counsellors, are capable of examining a variety of mortgages from several lenders. Some may even search the entire market, giving you access to a greater selection of goods. 

Selecting a broker or adviser offering a “whole of market” service makes sense. This implies that they have the broadest selection of lenders and mortgages. 

Even “whole of market” counsellors, however, do not cover everything, and there are still certain advantages to getting your mortgage directly from the lender. Some lenders offer special rates that are only accessible if you contact them directly, which can save you money on upfront broker fees. However, it’s always a healthy option to do a little research and then give us a call or pop in the office at Mortgage Options NI.

Access to a much wider selection of mortgages

The likelihood of requiring a mortgage to pay for a Ballymena property purchase ranges from extremely likely to unavoidable. However, it can be beneficial to work with the correct mortgage broker rather than going directly to your bank. By going directly to a bank or building society, you are limited to the mortgage deals the institution has to offer. A skilled mortgage broker, on the other hand, such as Mortgage Options NI will search the entire market to find the offers that are most appropriate for your situation. 

However, it’s crucial to understand the distinction between a “tied” broker, who is restricted to a panel of lenders, and a “whole of market” broker, who can provide advice on products from a variety of lenders (although this may exclude some which only accept applications directly from customers).

Expert Advisors in matching a mortgage to your needs

With so many various types of mortgage packages available, navigating the Ballymena mortgage maze might seem overwhelming. Additionally, they may alter often, particularly when interest rates change. Based on the size of your deposit, your salary (or combined income if you’re buying with someone else), and other factors specific to you, a broker will assist you in finding the best mortgage. According to your needs and stage of life, they will discuss the various mortgage kinds, such as a fix or a tracker, and offer advice on the length of the term and flexibility of the mortgage agreement. A broker can assist first-time buyers through programmes like shared ownership, or even the idea of clubbing together and purchasing with friends.

Carry out the legwork on your behalf

A mortgage broker will oversee every step of the mortgage process, including the initial search for a mortgage, agreement on a “mortgage in principle” (which indicates how much you might be able to borrow depending on the information you provide), application, offer, and closing (when the funds are released). A broker is knowledgeable about the extensive paperwork needed for a mortgage application and can explain how to convey important details like daycare expenses or an annual bonus.

Boost your chances of a successful application

A lender will run a credit check as part of your application to determine how well you’ve handled previous loans. Your chances of being approved for a mortgage increase with your credit score. 

Your credit score may be impacted by anything as minor as a missed payment on a mobile phone contract, making it more difficult to get accepted. But for a broker, dealing with a previous “credit hiccup” is just another day’s business. They will evaluate your financial situation and take all reasonable steps to increase your chances of being accepted. A broker will also know how each lender’s affordability assessments operate, which again increases your chances of being approved.

Offer a reminder to remortgage

When it’s time to remortgage, which is the process of moving to a new agreement once your current one expires, a broker will still call to remind you even after your mortgage is active. By doing this, the likelihood that you may switch to your lender’s potentially expensive standard variable rate is reduced. A broker will be able to inform you how much you could borrow as well as the best way to apply for the funds if you want to borrow extra money against your present mortgage (say, to build an addition to your home).

What are the benefits of having a mortgage?

Most people already decide to apply for a mortgage before they decide to buy a Ballymena property. You might ask why someone would pick a loan versus paying cash for a home if some individuals wanted to buy one. Cash on hand can be useful in emergencies and other circumstances. Additionally, you can accelerate the growth of your money if you have money accessible for other mortgage investments. It can be a better option for you to save your money if a home can be bought with a mortgage. Many couples lack the funds necessary to purchase a home.. It might not be possible for someone to buy a home outright depending on the neighbourhood, family size, and several other criteria. 

Getting a mortgage is a terrific way to buy a house. While the value of your home rises, you can continue to make your monthly payments. This enables you to increase your home’s value and generate income.

Your financial position can benefit from having cash on hand. You’ll probably feel more secure keeping the money in the bank rather than in your real estate if any unforeseen expenses or money problems emerge. It’s wise to keep an emergency fund on hand at all times. If a calamity occurs and your house is destroyed, you might have to wait a time to get a reimbursement from your insurance company. You can relocate right away and then file for insurance reimbursement if you have access to urgent finances.

Can I get mortgages in Northern Ireland?

Yes, it is undoubtedly feasible. British nationals are free to purchase real estate in Northern Ireland because it is a part of the United Kingdom. NI mortgages are often granted on a payback basis, with terms typically lasting between 10 and 25 years. Fewer lenders operate in Northern Ireland than in England and Wales,  and those that do frequently have postcode limits. In light of this, getting specialised guidance from a whole-of-market broker, such as Mortgage Options NI, is the best approach to make sure you get the best offer possible.

Ballymena conclusion

You have to go through a lot of information when it comes to mortgages in order to get the best offer. But let’s face it, the variety of interest rates and mortgage kinds offered might be confusing. You should obtain qualified mortgage guidance as a result of these factors. Independent consultants can mean the difference between receiving a fair offer and one that actually saves you money. How can a mortgage expert assist you in obtaining the best deal?

Independent mortgage counsellors are the finest sources for mortgage advice since they have access to all mortgage deals available on the market, not just those found on your typical High Street or price comparison websites. This significantly boosts your chances of finding a mortgage package that meets your present and future demands, which is one of the main benefits of getting independent mortgage advice. If necessary, Mortgage Options NI, experts will visit with you in person at your home to help you choose the appropriate mortgage.

A mortgage advisor won’t just locate a good deal for you and walk away. A mortgage adviser will emphasise developing a connection with you in order to make sure that it continues to satisfy your needs as the market changes over time and to give you continuing mortgage guidance because a mortgage is a long-term arrangement. Avoid using mortgage counsellors who do not include this as a core component of their services.

Real estate investment is a costly affair and choice. Give your options some thought. Learn as much as you can about the market, the prerequisites for buying a house, and the procedure as a whole. Thank you for reading, at the end of the day the more research you do the better, after which feel free to drop us a message or call Mortgage Options NI.

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